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Zoe is an artist and designer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Holding two degrees, one in design (Köln International School of Design) and one in art 
(Textile Department, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam), she enjoys experimenting at cross-sections of graphic design, art direction and textile / wearable forms. 


Her work questions the relation between garment, body and space; perhaps to reveal unconscious patterns, or question the thingness in objects, clothes and the houses in which we live.

zoe and I never met. I think this is my very first digital friendship. we both love gifs.

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The idea of irrelevance regarding my contribution to the pieces that you sent me led me to the saying “Jacke wie Hose”. This inspired me to create a way to make a jacket and trousers not only out of the same fabric, but being able to transform from one to the other, meaning that a sleeve becomes a leg of a trousers, and so on. The possibility of endless ways of connecting and combining has always fascinated me. My work is usually about something immediate, holding the possibility of becoming something else. I wanted to bring this aspect into the collaboration, merging your way of working and mine. In my opinion the essence of the project really shows once the pieces are all assembled, knotted together, disassembled, reconnected etc. The playfulness is important and leads to new ways of looking at clothes and how we wear them.
Another aspect is the one of “halves”. I’m not only half of our collaboration, I was also sent pieces that were in half, and started to think in halves once sketching out first ideas. The incompleteness of a half means that it needs another half to be complete. The other half is not given or defined, leaving openness and possibility to whatever completes the given half. If you apply this idea to fashion, whatever is given, leaves room for something that is not. If you take one piece that was created within this collaboration, you still have creative freedom and decision to combine it or wear it with and however you want.        




Jacke wie Hose, 23.06.2019

Project description:

Jacke wie Hose is a collaborative project between two women on great distance. Never having met before, both share passion and interest in how we wear and think about clothes. The research project lead to a playful experimentation in cutting, layering and connecting clothing items. Eventually shapes were created, that hold the possibility to become both jacket/ dress and trousers, allowing the wearer to decide how and what to wear next. A jacket/ dress can turn into a pair of pants and vice versa. The transformative garment pieces allow endless ways of dressing. The result of this collabo- ration engages an alternative view on clothes and opens up a critical discourse on fashion. At the same time it reflects ways for creatives in the field to work together in a sustainable way instead of against each other.

Half a pants is one leg.
Half a jacket is one sleeve.
One sleeve could be a leg.
One leg could be a sleeve.
Half a jacket could be a leg
One leg could be half a jacket.
Two half jackets could become one jacket.
Two half jackets could become two legs.
Two legs could become one pair.
One pair of pants could be two sleeves.
Two sleeves could be part of one jacket.
Four legs could be two trousers.
Four legs could be one trousers and one jacket without sleeves. Four legs could be a jacket with sleeves.



Jacke wie Hose

Roughly translated:
Jacket as trousers, meaning that there is no difference between them, one could be as the other and it wouldn’t make a difference

Bedeutung: keinen Unterschied machen
Herkunft: Die Redewendung, die seit dem 17. Jahrhundert bezeugt ist, bezieht sich darauf, dass man in der Neuzeit dazu überging, Jacke und Hose aus dem gleichen Stoff zu schneidern.[1][2] Zwischen beiden Kleidungsstücken bestand, was den Stoff anbelangt, kein Unterschied mehr.[1][2] Zuvor entstand die Jacke aus einem gekürzten Rock oder Mantel, und die Hosen waren eigentlich Strümpfe (Beinlinge). (Wiktionary)



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