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NOT_A_STUDIO teamed up with sustainable designers Aurelia Becker and Anna Zeitler.

As LAB_FOR_USE_LESS we playfully explored what to make of 550 pounds of disposedgarments...


different cities 

different people 

same mission

NOT_A_STUDIO pieces are made to suit

all kind of people. We asked passengers in

LA and Berlin to try them on...


“I find myself

in both

the rhythm

and the stillnes

of this world.“ 

New York based artist Naomi Shon shows us her world of awareness. seeking for beauty and stillness in a concrete world...


"Kohlman and I used to be roommates in New York. I 

adored the way he tenderly cared for his bonsais and how

he always collected a huge pile of trash while he was

jogging through New York's streets."


Supported by multifunctional N_A_S items the 

multidisciplinary artist worked on a video that captures the stress of practicing sustainable awareness in urban places...

“Jacke wie Hose–

Roughly translated:
Jacket as trousers, meaning that there is no difference between them, one could be as the other and it wouldn’t make a difference."

Out of disposed garments Zoe Pingel creates 

transformable garment pieces and endless possibilities...

IMG_7878 copia.jpg
Bildschirmfoto 2019-06-20 um

OF COURSE Marissa has a take on sustainable fashion...

Actor and comedian Benjamin Norris gave us

the honor to be reviewed by his sassiest LA 

character: Marissa...


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