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Kohlman Harshbarger lives in New York and is a multi-disciplinary artist, bedroom musician, closeted food critic, and twin. His twin does not have a website.

KOHLMAN AND I USED TO BE ROOMMATES IN New YorkI adored the way he tenderly cared for his bonsais and how he always collected a huge pile of trash while he was jogging through New York's streets. that made us think about working on a video that captures the stress of practicing sustainable awareness in urban places.


Lea and I met living in a permaculture community in Brooklyn! Our shared passion for sustainability developed into a dialogue around it, exploring what it is, what it looks like - both today and in the future - and how it can can transcend from concept to practice as we integrate it into our respective ways of life and the many processes that comprise it.


And that's why I was so excited when Lea invited me to collaborate on this project with her! I felt like her concept made exciting headway in integrating sustainability across the lifecycle of a garment, extending from it's manufacturing to its very function, and closing the falsely perceived gap between fashion (i.e thoughtful and exciting design) and 'sustainable' fashion. In participating in this project with her, I hoped to further extend the conversation around sustainability by showing how these pieces fit into my life and adapted to compliment my lifestyle (whether it be cooking, obsessively picking up trash on the street, working on sculptures in the studio, or anything in between). 


And i feel like I accomplished that. And while having some fun along the way too. I was sent the clothing with the purpose of sharing my creative experience with it, but I found myself wearing it far after the photos had finished (courtesy of my friend and poetic photographer Ilya). It could be worn with almost anything, and could be endlessly styled and restyled for every occasion. In short, the clothing exemplified an artful and aware product that is possible in a future recalibrated for be constructive rather than destructive net-effect towards all involved parties in our global ecosystem. It gave me hope for this future and inspiration in continuing the search for  new ways to embrace sustainability as a way of life. And of course the perfect amount of flair ;) 


                                                                                                                                        –  KOHLMAN

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