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The person behind Not_a_studio is 

Lea Schweinfurth.

she lives in Ger-many and just graduated in 

fashion design

this summer. while continuing to work on the 

project Not_a_Studio (her heart and soul) she is trying to find a job in fashion that not actually is an unpaid internship. throughout the last couple years she lived abroad in Los Angeles and New York where the initial idea for this project was planted. if interested in her cv, please klick here

when I speak of trouble in paradise, I speak of trouble I speak of paradise.

                        Diary entry, New York, USa, 2018


Fashion is both trouble and paradise. With this project we explore how we can face troublesome issues of the industry like waste, pollution, overconsumption and discrimination with the playful and communicative power of fashion.

This is a platform to inform and explore fashion and sustainability, from a wide range of personal definitions to hard facts. We talk with experts of the industry as well as examining the topic creativley with artists all over the world. It is all about spreading the word and opening the door to sustainable practice in fashion.

The "ADD_IT_COLLECTION" is our personal interpretation of the observation we made on sustainable fashion. It rethinks seasonal design contributions and focuses on contemporary sustainable fashion. 

Striving to use methods other than timelessness and simplicity – staples of current sustainable practices – NOT_A_STUDIO’s Items can be seen as fashionable accessories in a wider sense. Worn on top of the wearer’s own outfit the Items function more like textile jewellery or add-on apparel. All Items are as gender and size inclusive as possible, matching the requirements of a diverse, urban and creative population in search of self-expression through progressive sartorial choices. 

Sustainability includes methods of recycling and reusing. NOT_A_STUDIO’s Items are made from disposed garments supplied by TexAid – one of Germany’s largest textile separating plants - and fabric scraps from other brands’ production runs. Each Item is labelled by a visible QR-Code, leading to NOT_A_STUDIO’s online platform with updates on collaborations, projects and information on sustainability, fashion & culture.

sculptures of disposed garments

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