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Monday January_13th_2020

First step into 2020? Fashion Week : CHECK!

NOT_A_STUDIO was part of the Neo Fashion Show at Berlin Fashion Week. Thanks for having us. 


Special thanks to my models, Veronika, Jens, Cedric, Wayra, Luis, Anna, Lucas, Vanessa, Elsa, Sarah, who waited for hours, but stayed cute as always. You are the best!

And Aurelia, thanks for assisting and cooling my nerves...

NEO_Fashion 2020  -022-2907.jpg
NEO_Fashion 2020  -013-2720.jpg
NEO_Fashion 2020  -007-2610.jpg
NEO_Fashion 2020  -005-2542.jpg
NEO_Fashion 2020  -019-2836.jpg
NEO_Fashion 2020  -018-2805.jpg
NEO_Fashion 2020  -017-2782.jpg
NEO_Fashion 2020  -016-2765.jpg
NEO_Fashion 2020  -014-2730.jpg
NEO_Fashion 2020  -012-2706.jpg
NEO_Fashion 2020  -006-2601.jpg
NEO_Fashion 2020  -011-2687.jpg
NEO_Fashion 2020  -023-2926.jpg

Thursday October_24th_2019

NOT_A_STUDIO won the GRASSI MUSEUM DESIGN NEWCOMER AWARD! YAY!!! Thanks to Culturträger who sponsors the Newcomer Award, a N_A_S piece will be a permanent part of the museums archive. You can also find us at the GRASSI MESSE from October 25th till October 27th. Come through and try on some pieces.

Tanks for the appreciation!

Wednesday October_17th_2019

Exhibition ​at Kunststiftung des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt! Thanks for the nomination for the Burg Giebichenstein Design Award in the category best concept/best idea. 
The show is going from 
October 17th till October 31st.

Thursday October_10th_2019

NOT_A_STUDIO at it's first Fashion Week! Thanks to Vancouver Fashion Week for giving us the opportunity to showcase the "ADD_IT_COLLECTION" on such a big platform. There was so much to learn, experience and enjoy!

Not A Studio RS20 2242.jpg
Not A Studio RS20 2122.jpg
Not A Studio RS20 2167.jpg

Friday July_5th_2019

We launched the project NOT_A_STUDIO with an exhibition and the premiere of our  ADD_IT_COLLECTION.

Worn on top of the wearer’s own outfit the Items function more like textile jewellery or add-on apparel. All "ADDITS" are as gender and size inclusive as possible.

The pieces are made from disposed garments, supplied by TexAid – one of Germany’s largest textile separating plants - and fabric scraps from other brands’ production runs.


You can find more photos of the show here.

Thanks to everyone who came out at this special day, it was a blast.


Also a big THANK YOU to all the helping hands. To Gregor and Nicole especially for planning and curating the exhibition and all the beautiful people who did such a great job at walking the catwalk.

Full video coming soon ...

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